Program Overview

Year 1: Residency Year

  • Residents have the opportunity to work alongside a Mentor teacher in an elementary or secondary classroom four days a week and attend a weekly seminar with supportive cohort
  • At the successful completion of Year 1, Residents will have earned the majority of their credits towards their Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Culturally Linguistically Diverse Education with Adams State University and are eligible for a Colorado Initial License

Years 2-3: Induction Years

  • Residents finish the credits for their Master of Arts in Education while working full time in a classroom with one of the partnering school districts
  • Residents receive one-on-one support from the Post-Residency Director
  • Residents complete a district induction program to qualify for a Colorado Professional License
  • Residents complete 3 year service agreement with Boettcher Teacher Residency

Years 3-5: Final Years of Residency Program

  • Residents continue teaching in their own classrooms
  • Residents continue to receive professional development from PEBC in alignment with their personal/professional goals as educators
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